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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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If the writers wanted to get the message across that someone is a book expert, they would name the character "Liberace" not cast Liberace in the role.
Any more than they would purposefully cast famed Attorney MELVIN BELLI, The King of Torts, to play the Gorgon in 'And The Children Shall Lead?

A LAWYER playing a LAIR?
Belli was a friend of Roddenberry's if I remember correctly.

Ah,.. light bulbs are turning-on,.. connections being made,....

And wouldn't that make sense, to convince him to play in this veiled allegory about the potential and pending resultant disaster as the unknowing innocents (The Children) trusting and following these Lawyers to lead a society,..... a favor between friends,.. of course, who else would?

Go back and watch ATCSL - with THAT understanding,.. flip it around,.. and flip the TITLE,.. And the Lawyers Shall Lead,...

Seems not just prophetic, but 'spot-on' in our overly litigious society of today, where the corrupt with legal power within the SYSTEM (A Roman word for SEWER) are leading the innocent and trusting to their ruin.

Oh, that couldn't possibly be one of those many hidden warnings to the future of mankind peppered throughout the stories, ONE OF THE LEAST LIKED STORIES,.. and not surprisingly MOST MISUNDERSTOOD MESSAGE.

Good connection BillJ,.. You found the KEY.

Keep thinking that way, and you may have to watch the entire series all over again,.. but SEEING it for the first time from the inside out.

But then again,.. maybe those writers were just a bunch of 'Stone-Aged' hacks after all,... as so many on here like to trumpet in unison.
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