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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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But the Queen is supposed to embody the Collective. Having her react based on her emotions (or her having emotions at all!) is something I would rather not see! It makes the Borg just another bad guy.
The only way you can get a Queen that embodies the collective is to take her young, before her personality is completely formed. In Dark Frontier the Queen tells a young boy that she was just about his age when she was assimilated. So you take a child, you break the ties between parents and child and you give that child a special indoctrination that molds their ego to fit a specific roll. The child has to be old enough to have formed some kind of self-identity, but young enough to be malleable. At least in the world I built to explain how the Borg got to be what they were.

Christie Golden had it partially right when she wrote about the Borg Queen protocol, but I think both she and Peter David got it wrong when they tried to tell us adult women could assume the role of Queen. It wouldn’t work so well with someone who already had a pretty healthy ego that had not been compromised.
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