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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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If one looks at the picture of Devna at, it does look somewhat on the yellow side, so I can see how some might call that golden, though I'd call it pale green myself.
But I assume that picture is from the DVD, so it doesn't really prove anything about the color before then.

Oh, you know what? I'm getting forgetful. I just remembered that I still have some very old VHS copies of the original VHS home-video release of TAS. (In fact, I think they're VHS copies of Beta copies of the rented VHS tapes.) I could barely make out the picture, either because the tapes are eroding or the player's heads are covered in dust from disuse, but the space of the Delta Triangle was vivid red -- and Devna was unmistakably light green. So I guess that "golden-skinned" reference was just one of the Concordance's errors.

Which just goes to show something about perception, since for ages I believed that Devna had been gold-skinned, even after seeing the episode in color a number of times. I guess I just had that assumption drilled into my head by the Concordance in those early years when I only saw the show in black-and-white, and even the evidence of my eyes didn't cause me to consciously register the error.
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