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Re: Federation members or not? (Canon sources only, please)

First of all, even in "The Host", Odan wasn't intentionally trying to keep his true nature a secret.
How so? He blatantly lies about why he doesn't want to use the transporter. He only comes clean when Crusher is already rummaging through his innards, for chrissakes!

it would darn difficult to have large portions of the population applying and trying to be the best and brightest in whatever field they were in and not have outsiders find out.
What outsiders? It's more usual than not for our heroes to express profound unfamiliarity with Federation member worlds - not just personally, but in descriptions like "secretive", "seclusive", "isolationist". We never heard of anybody who would have visited planet Trill before "Equilibrium" and not been part of the Trill society. Some "contacts people" must have - diplomats, trade representatives - but they would have benefited from not spreading the story, as their work would have become all the more difficult if the people on the other side of the bridges they were building found out that the Trill were parasitic monsters.

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