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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Series 2-4 have aged very badly and contain the worst, laziest writing you'll really find in Doctor Who but I still like a lot of Series 1. RTD kinda ran out of ideas after that.
RTD's run had its ups and downs, I still think pound for pound Moffat Who is as enjoyable, just for different reasons, but even though I liked series 4, it was clear RTD was running out of ideas, the show, the very structure of the seasons, had become stale and predicable, no sleight to RTD, I think whoever was in charge it would have happened.

Being fair sometimes I miss the zip RTD Who had, but by the same token Moffat has yet to make me want to throw things at the telly the way Russell did on a semi-regular basis
I quite miss wanting to lash the remote at the telly, I did actually do it when 10 blew up all the Daleks in the series 4 finale and again when Gallifrey went back into the Time Lock. God it pissed me off at times.
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