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Some questions about fan fiction

1 - do people find it easier to write using established characters or better to create their own - i want to start writing a story using new characters and even new species but is that considered uncool (in terms of possibly getting published cos fans don't wanna read about characters they've never heard of)

2 - if i did want to get something published, how would that happen....what do most people do with their fan fiction (how did that woman who wrote 50 shades of grey go from twilight fan fiction to published author....what was the process....lets assume for the sake of this that my fan fiction is profoundly brilliant and not just self indulgent crap....what could i realistically do to get it published)

3 - If people write using established characters, do most people set it after the events of the shows or in between episodes (does that require knowing star dates so that the story makes sense happening between events seen in the shows)

4 - Does my knowledge of techno babble need to be consistent with what's been seen in the shows or can i just make it up......"modify the quantum deflector tubes and use a tachyon beam to neutralise the polaron reactors so we can by-pass the tetryon radiation array"...just how important is that stuff to the reader

5 - any other advice would be welcome
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