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Re: Abrams: Expect To Cry

Garak wrote: View Post
There's already a lot of crying and the movie isn't even out yet!
Crying, Abrams said. Not whining.

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
They got old, fat, and dull. Stuffy and boring. …
They're not "running around," "doing fine," or being at all interesting. These new guys are a lot more fun now.
My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
The difference being that I saw lots of non-Trekkies reacting emotionally in the theater to the pre-credit sequence of Abrams's first Trek movie. The only strong reaction I'd seen to oldTrek movies by non fans was laughter.
So, I guess we can consider you one of those non-fans at this point? I mean, for someone who apparently watched a ton of Trek, knows a lot, and works on fan films, you sure bash the crap out of it.
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