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Re: Compiling episode scores? Scotty, we have a problem.

The purpose of the cue sheets is to determine royalty payments for BMI/ASCAP and AFM. AFM requires that musicians be paid every 13 weeks... so one might guess that some estates are still receiving payments based on these unless that requirement ends at some point. I am not aware of such an ending date, as long as the music is being used... but I'm not an entertainment lawyer so please chime in if you are more experienced than I am. Certainly they will receive a payment for the repurposing of the music for a CD. My point really is that CBS likely does not want people possibly questioning the royalties. Hollywood accounting has been documented for years -- we know that studios do not always live up to the contract details unless taken to court. Many times, the reason is that the people involved initially leave the studio and those that take over are unaware of existing deals... but nevertheless, it seems to happen.
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