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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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The Controller of BBC1 revealed long ago that the delay/split in S7 was down to Moffat, who promptly denied it, then finally recently admitted that he did indeed have problems working on both Sherlock & DW causing him to fall behind in getting the work done.

Plus as Brendan points out nobody made make all the pronouncements he's made that later turn out to be false/wrong/true from a certain point of view, Luke.
At times I wonder if Moffat blows smoke not to distract fandom with the shiny but to distract his BBC bosses and protect his job.

The BBC brought Moffat in to produce Doctor Who to their scheduling expectations. The question, of course, is what the BBC's scheduling expecations are; fandom clearly feels that 14 episodes a year is the standard (probably because RTD made it look effortless), and similar programs, like Merlin, easily hit a similar standard. Moffat's pronouncements occasionally have the feel of someone explaining to those who matter (and no, fans are not those who matter) why he's not hitting his production targets.

Though there are some individual divisions that are clearly unhappy with the lack of Doctor Who product (Worldwide, mainly, but also America), the BBC as a whole appears to tolerate a different state of affairs -- either they like the critical cachet that Steven Moffat brings them and are willing to accept a "when we make it" schedule, or there's nothing standard about 14 episodes a year and the BBC doesn't expect RTD-levels of product on an annual basis.

If the BBC does expect more than 14 episodes per year and Moffat is unable to deliver that, however, then either Moffat is untouchable (perhaps because of his family connections) or he's exceedingly good at blowing smoke at his bosses. Otherwise, the BBC could sack Moffat and bring in a new producer on a shorter leash to hit the Beeb's production targets.
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