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Re: Abrams: Expect To Cry

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Despite what they say about the "message" of Roddenberry's optimism being in this film, I don't get the vibe the story ends well.
Yeah, I get the impression we're in for a cliffhanger ending.
I had that feeling too, back in September.

Someone (I think it was Pine) said a while ago in an interview that had no idea how Star Trek was supposed to continue after the end of STID, or at least it was something to that effect. But he said he was sure that the writers would think of something.

I can't find that snippet anymore, it was over on Trekweb months ago ... does anyone remember?
I think it was the infamous interview which spawned the 'last ST movie for Quinto?' rumor. It is below but the full transcript is absent on that page, video only.

Notice the URL for that page has "chris-pine-says-star-trek-sequel-is-" blah blah blah within it but it is Quinto speaking.

I believe the lines we're thinking of is; Quinto: "I'm really excited to see what they do with it but, you know...."

On topic, Thanks for the warning JJ. I'll be sure to bring plenty of tissues with me.
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