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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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If their major export market dries up they're fucked.
There's two recent instances I can think of offhand, where a Canadian produced show was dropped by its American network, but continued being produced by its Canadian network.

- "Saving Hope" was dropped by NBC at the end of season 1, but CTV renewed it for a second season. ("Saving Hope" features Michael Shanks, who previously played Daniel Jackson for ten seasons of Stargate SG-1).

- "Flashpoint" was dropped by CBS in the middle of season 4, but CTV continued producing it for the rest of season 4 and a season 5. (Season 5 recently ended last month, with the producers calling it quits and ending the series).

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But it's a Canadian show, so surely the key rating for a third season will be the Canadian rating figure.
Continuum appears to be produced partly by Shaw Media, which just happens to be the same company that owns the Showcase cable channel in Canada.

In the end, Shaw Media will have the final say on whether to axe the show.

How much longer Shaw is willing to produce Continuum on ).
^ Add "The Listener" to the list. It had a brief summer run on NBC during it's first season and was yanked before completely airing all 13 episodes. CTV continued it-the 3rd season was on last year, and IIRC was renewed for a fourth. With it's production company owning the cable network that's airing it, there's hope that if Continuum continues to perform well in Canada-and in other countries, it won't get canned just because it failed to gain traction in America.
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