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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

I guess I could see the worth of this project if it were going to increase my happiness as I watched episodes of Star Trek animated. The dvd's of TOS certainly did, relative to the VHS. But I judged that blu-rays of TOS wouldn't make me happier, though the picture and sound of a 50-year-old tv show would be clearer. Judging by the comments of people who said seeing Shatner's toupé lines and boot lace inconsistencies takes them out of the flow of the drama, I think I chose right. Now if they come out in 3-D, or something dramatically different, I might bite.

Having been in my skin for 46 years, I think I am right that a sharper image on "Infinite Vulcan," "More Tribbles," or "The Practical Joker" would not make me any happier than I am. But if it floats your boat, feed the beast. I'm sure I spend money on things you would think are stupid.
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