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Re: Abrams: Expect To Cry

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Using your logic, we can't care about any original movie character (any original character in any original movie) simply because that the character is not someone we already know or have cared about before the movie.
Explain to me how, when watching the original Star Wars for the first time, people cared about what happened to Luke, Leia, and Han, even though they knew nothing about those characters when the movie started.

If we imagine for a moment that ST2009 was the first Star Trek story ever, would you not care about the Kirk, Spock, et al. portrayed in the film? I do understand the reality of it is that ST2009 was NOT the first-ever Star Trek story. However, from the standpoint of a pure-cinematic story-telling potential, why would it matter if the characters in ST2009 are not original? How does that affect the film's ability to make you care about the characters?

Is it soley because Abrams and Co. said the original characters still exist in the prime universe? If so, I don't understand why that matters, considering that those prime universe characters are just as fictional as the Abrams-verse characters. The Abrams-verse fictional characters have every right to be "cared about" by the audience, from a story-telling standpoint (whether people personally thought Abrams and the writers succeeded in that is a totally different argument -- but I cared about them).

...and, by the way, when I watch TNG: Parallels, and I really think about it and get myself into the story, I do feel a bit bad for "Shabby Riker" who got "blowed up" (blowed up real good). Poor guy.
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