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What the hell is McCoy doing on the bridge?

I have been troubled in recent weeks by Doctor McCoy's continuing presence on the bridge, when he should be in sickbay. This becomes particularly aggregious in "Who Mourns for Adonis" when the Enterprise has been stopped in space by the giant hand. An SOS message has been relayed to Starfleet, damage control reports are coming in, and there's McCoy on the bridge, saying "Sick Bay reports five minor injuries, all being treated."

WELL??? Why aren't you IN sickbay, McCoy, treating those injuries??

McCoy seems to spend more time on the bridge counseling/coaching Captain Kirk than he does practicing medicine in sick bay.

It happens again in Squire of Gothos, after the crew has beamed back up to the ship. The Enterprise is dodging the planet Gothos, Kirk is on the bridge when he decides to confront Trelane, and suddenly McCoy leaps out of literally nowhere with "Captain, you're not beaming down!!??"

What the devil? I would welcome any other examples of sitings of this intrusive medical officer on the bridge at inappropriate times, in dereliction of duty.

~ Mr Atoz
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