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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

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they signed all the cast to three-film contracts.
The cast of everything is signed to three films. SOP.
Because the studio wants to be prepared for the possibility of sequels. Also, it has to be considered in context with the other evidence, all of which together makes it overwhemingly clear that Paramount did hope the film would be the first of a new series of movies.

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launch a film franchise that you hope will endure for years and years.
Make up your mind. Is Star Trek 3 the last with this cast or not?
A meaningless question. Obviously signing people to 3-film contracts does not preclude signing them to further films beyond the third, so there is no contradiction.

Didn't mean to start a panic.
You didn't, because everyone else in this thread is fully aware that your assertion was completely untrue. Also, why would the allegation that they weren't expecting a sequel four years ago possibly create a panic now, when the sequel has already been shot and is four months from premiering?
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