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Re: Compiling episode scores? Scotty, we have a problem.

The only time I saw the trailers on broadcast TV (before the Sci-Fi Channel aired them I guess) was during the 1970's reruns from Connecticut (WTNH). They ran the episodes complete with syndicated trailers amd it was an amazing thrill.

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The cue sheets, according to several individuals involved in working on the boxed set, are Paramount's internal property and not able to be released. Jeff Bond did say, however, that he included several in his The Music Of Star Trek book by typing up the information himself.
Would could they possibly be losing by releasing them?
There could be any number of comments on them or information they consider confidential. Or perhaps it's an added cost of securing the rights to release them. Internal documents are company property and, regardless of fan understanding, it's still their right to keep the originals private. They obviously don't mind transcriptions, but balk at releasing the originals. Unless a court issues a subpoena, we might as well just accept it.
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