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Re: What happened in the Visitor future?

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Usually in Star Trek, when we see a glimpse of the future, it doesn't really count. It's just an extension of the logic of the current season.

I don't know how much the writers knew of where they were going at the start of the fourth season, but it seems to me that with the Klingons in control of the station they were able to win the war on their own, perhaps by holding the wormhole so successfully that they were never able to establish the solid military foothold they found on Cardassia.

It almost seems in this episode like the future would have been better off if Ben had died.

Then again given 'The Sisko' and his holy mission, either this really is just another throwaway future like All Good Things, or the Prophets were aware of this timeline and knew how it would turn out.

Actually it looks to me they got pretty consistent with the very-late 24/25th century future.
- used the same uniforms
- there was ongoing cold war with Klingons

I think in 2380's there is some event in prime universe that will restart Fed/Kling relations back to the pre-Narendra III ways with war looming over.
It nicely clicks with the destruction of Romulus - think of it: Sloan made it clear the Fed and Romulans will be the ones competing for AQ. Now suddenly, Klingons are all over. Could it be that the unknown event is actually Romulus being blown up? With Romulans gone (remember in AGT they were defeated by Klings and there was no more neutral zone, Geordi was making it sound like a big deal as well, when correcting Picard), Klingons would be IMHO the power to compete for the freed-up resources.

Regarding the timeline itself, indeed it looks like the way to the future turned out to be less painful (from the little we have seen), but honestly I do not see much difference between the AGT / Endgame futures and this.

Maybe all these futures (AGT/ENDG/Visitor) are actually the same, proper future timeline, linearly progressing from TNG/DS9, which were all altered by future Janeway bringing Voyager home prematurely (they made quite a big deal of it in DTI if I remember)
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