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Re: Marina Sirtis make up on the HD verison.

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She has a face? I find it difficult to lift my gaze above her neck. I am such a weak man.

Considering that sheís an empath, itís a good thing I donít work with her. Could I be disciplined for creating a hostile work environment just by thinking dirty thoughts that she perceives? Jellico is probably doing the right thing when he tells her to cover up.

I believe there was an episode where she was asked about someone specifically, and she mentioned that she felt just normal feelings, including a normal sexual desire for her, etc etc.

I thought that was a pretty cool scene actually, because every straight male is going to get aroused by seeing a hot female, but the implication is that this is understood to be instinctual (which it is) and it doesn't mean that that particular male actually wants to sleep with the hot female he's looking at.

It was a nice nod that in the 24th century, all this ridiculous sexual harrasment bullshit is going the way of the dodo.
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