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Re: The weakness of season 3

T'Girl wrote: View Post
The episode the proved that if there were any problems with the character of Kes, they didn't come from Jennifer Lien's acting ability. She absolutely shines in this episode.
she was always good but they clearly didn't know what to do with her

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Funny, I really enjoyed season 3 and most of the episodes you didn't
isn't it regarded by many fans as the weakest though...there's definitely more episodes in three that i can happily skip though than any other season

billcosby wrote: View Post
You were far too kind about Flashback - the most squandered, poorly executed use of a special guest star and radical budget (Excelsior bridge, etc) in Star Trek.... ever! The premise is just waaaaay to much of a stretch. There's no way in my wildest imagination could I buy it for a second. It all happens inside Tuvok's head... just utter garbage. And that fucking stupid ending with all the kids falling off the cliff.... gawd..
Well, yeah, it's Trek porn really and that makes it easier to watch in some ways but that's only when compared to other season three episodes which are very weak (real time travel would have made it vastly superior) - on paper, Futures end should be brilliant but, i don't know, each time i watch it, i just feel a little bit underwhelmed

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
Egrediously bad:
Flashback, False Profits, The Q and the Grey, Alter Ego, Coda, Blood Fever, Darkling, Favorite Son, Distant Origin

The Swarm, Remember, Sacred Ground, Warlord, Macrocosm, Fair Trade, Unity, Rise, Real Life, Displaced

Episodes I might actually be interested in seeing again:
Basics, The Chute, Future's End, Before and After, Worst Case Scenario, Scorpion
you didn't like distant origin - i have to admit, it's not as good as others seem to think but at least it tries.....some of the episodes in season three just seem like the writers could not be bothered (and i would class "basics" as being part of the completely superior season 2 so you can't have that one )

Mareika wrote: View Post
I can`t agree about season 3 being a terrible season
maybe not terrible but definitely the weakest i'd say

Mareika wrote: View Post
Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I always had the same feelings when I watched Scorpion.
I didn`t understand that fans were able to agree with Janeway. They believed Chakotay couldn`t trust her. They believed that he was wrong.
This episodes awful sub plot about individuality (as seen through their conflict) was a very poor decision for the writers because they just got it all wrong - not only did it make Janeway look pyschotic but it also made it clear that Chakotay's balls were in Janeway's hand bag and no matter how ridiculous she might be in her decision making, he would never truly challenge her - spolied both characters a little
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