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Re: Campaign to Restore William Shatner's STV TFF for Blu-ray spec. ed

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There's talk on the DVD commentary of the originally conceived title sequence - zooming through space from Nimbus, across the galaxy to eventually focus on Kirk climbing the mountain - and how Contact eventually became the first film to achieve that.
a slow zoom in on Spock standing in that observation room with the Captain's Wheel.
Problem is, if you put stuff like that in, it doesn't fit into the movie at all.

I saw the fan made replacements of the VFX, and it was the same thing. Camera movements and angles that just don't fit into the rest of the film somehow.

TOS-R suffers from the same problem.
Disagree, inasmuch as that sort of visual effect becomes part of the storytelling process, and would have tied right in with the director's intent to make stuff flow w/o a ton of cuts.

Shatner was hoping to do a lot of this stuff in what during the 90s would be thought of as a Zemeckis-like fashion (well, hoping he wasn't intending to go THAT far!), and that approach relies on superb execution, which is something you're NOT going to get in any fan version unless the fan has immense talent PLUS a render farm.

I think that there is a gorgeous languid feel to Goldsmith's non-military cues, and that would have also meshed well with these types of visuals (certainly did for TMP.)

My problem with the zoom through the universe under the credits is just that ... don't put something that gorgeous under the credits, or you're undercutting what you're doing, kind of like Universal stupidly putting titles over the first shot in TOUCH OF EVIL (though now we can see it as intended, sans credits, if you buy the right version.)

Chances are even if they HAD gotten it right and wound up with a gorgeous sustained shot, somebody would have decided the film needed shortening and they'd've skip-printed it to speed things up, which is what happened to (and ruined) the big move through the city at the beginning of DICK TRACY. I'd love to see the original version of that before it got ruined, sounded wonderful.
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