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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Just to be clear, most of the summaries I read are the ones in the Episode guide that comes with the DVD, and I really haven't been spoilered yet, it just gives the basic summary of the episode.

There All the Honor Lies - I liked this episode. The frame up was done well and wasn't annoying like I thought it would be. I will say that, for a race that started the war with earth, the Minbari have an annoying tendency to act like they're always the victims and humans are scum. I kind of get why the Minbari hate Sheridan, but it doesn't make that much sense. He killed Minbari in wartime, using a tactic they didn't like. He did what any soldier trying to defeat the enemy would do. I bet Sinclair would have used mines like that if he had the chance. But, because he killed Minbari in a way they didn't like, he's a killer He used the tools at his disposal to defeat a military target. Honestly, I think the fact that he scored one of the only big vistories is the reason they hate him, not because of his tactics (which weren't unusual military tactics to begin with, mines have been used for a long time, and space mines make sense). Maybe I misunderstand what happened, but I don't think I do.
The Minbari haven't fought a real war in over a thousand years. The Warrior Caste training and procedures are thus more concerned with discipline and stability than combat effectiveness. They stress honor and tradition and their methods of combat are highly ritualized. This is a disadvantage, but it really doesn't matter. They still have the tech advantage to curbstomp anyone short of the Vorlons even with predictable ritualized tactics and strategies.

They're also highly isolationist, prone to rash, emotional decisions, and tend to assume that everyone thinks the same way that they do. Thus they have a tendency to treat violations of Minbari etiquette by outsiders just as they would treat the same violations by other Minbari.

Sheridan's actions grossly violated the Minbari rules of war. The fact that Earth didn't agree to those rules really doesn't matter to most of the Warrior Caste. If he hadn't used a fake distress signal, maybe they wouldn't be so sore about it.

Of course, it's mostly because he blew up their best and biggest ship, yeah. They're mostly sore because he best them, and is the only human ever to do so.

But he's really just a visible symbol. They're also sore because the Grey Council decided to surrender on the eve of victory for no apparent reason, which is a giant WTF to most of the Minbari, too. The while Minbari souls reincarnating as humans thing is a closely guarded secret. But thye can't take it out on the Grey Council, so the Starkiller is a more obvious target.
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The gift shop stuff was funny. I especially liked Londo, and his complaints about his action figure. I did wonder if some of those toys were actualy B5 products. The bear at the end was awesome. The moments with Londo and his aide were also done very well.
Back when the show was on, there was surprisingly little B5 merchandise. I think JMS just didn't like the idea of it and his views were essentially expressed by Ivanova in this episode.
Personally I thought the "Deep Space Francise" shot at Trek was pretty funny, if a little cheep.
JMS had really horrible experiences working on highly merchandise driven kids shows, especially Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (which was a fairly awesome and mature series at the time, but got canceled because the line wasn't selling wall, and they had to write around a gimmicky toy interactivity requirement.)

As a result, he really wanted to avoid relying on merchandise for funding.

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