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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

DeepSpaceWine wrote: View Post
If they got rid of Wang, I'm not sure who they planned to be an Ops. Random yellowshirt?
The obvious choice would have been Seven.
They should have gotten rid of Neelix, even if the mess hall was a central set, was it really necessary to have a cook present? Even the answer is yes, grab a random extra that would otherwise sit at a table and have him stand behind some pots.

USS Firefly wrote: View Post
Too bad that they didn't let Mulgrew go.
Would be interesting to see Chakotay as captain, and fire up tentions between Starfleet an the maquis.
If they had gotten rid of Janeway, wouldn't Tuvok become Captain? Chakotay just had a provisional rank, he should not be able to succeed Janeway on a federation ship, the real officers should always come first.
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