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Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes

The finale aired in the US last night. I'm afraid I found it rather underwhelming. The plot was just too over-the-top, and the emphasis was on big action and danger and plot stuff rather than the more thoughtful and emotional stuff. Most of the character arcs just seemed to get glossed over or ignored in favor of bang-boom. After Ed's character arc this season about dealing with the consequences of taking lives, it seemed superficial to have the villain be such a lost cause and have Ed just shoot him down without a thought. It's like they were saying, "Aw, heck, forget all that angst, Ed's suddenly over it all and it doesn't matter anymore." And we didn't get any resolution for Dean or Clark, who mostly disappeared in part 2. I guess you could say most of that got wrapped up in previous episodes, but that left so little to deal with here, and the action focus felt superficial and unsatisfying in comparison. It also felt like an anticlimax for Greg. He had his finest hour in Part 1, with the speech he gave to the city, a perfect encapsulation of who he is and what makes him a great cop and a good man. And then here in the climax they stick him into a shoot-em-up situation with no negotiation possible, and it's a generic scenario that doesn't serve his character at all, that any action lead could've been plugged into. They blew all the good stuff before the finale, and that made the finale feel empty.
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