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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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You do know you can build or buy PCs with Blu-Ray drives, right? Besides, I wouldn't have bought a PS3 now, on the verge of new consoles launching.
1. Why would anyone want to be tied to their computer monitor to watch Blu-ray?
You do know that you can connect PCs to TVs using an HDMI cable, right?

2. Now is probably the best time to buy a PS3/Xbox 360 (I have both and as far as gaming goes they're pretty much interchangeable). They both have a large library of cheaper games now. Biggest mistake I ever made was rushing out to buy them at launch.
Eh, most of those are multiplatform games anyway, so you could get them on PC cheaply too. I mean sure, now's the best time to buy them from a price perspective, but in terms of support and future catalog, it's pretty much a dead end (unless Japanese devs decide to keep working on the PS3 like they did with the PS2).
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