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Re: Things old ladies do...

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^That is going to turn out so awesome! I love the colors.

Alright, here are my granny squares. I haven't cleaned them up yet so it's not perfect, and it was hard to pick up the right colors in this lighting, but you get the idea. Black borders with alternating white, blue and purple (well, more of a wine color) starburst pattern.

See, this is really pretty. It doesn't have the eye-boggling technicolor dreamcoat color scheme of the example I posted!

Now, my mom is crocheting me an afghan, and my sister is knitting me a sweater! And it's a sweater you guys might get a laugh out of. It's not done yet, but she texted me this photo of her progress. She's wearing it here, it'll fit me a bit better, as she has bigger boobs than me and I have a smaller waist:


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