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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

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^Yeah, all of that stuff with Rebekah forcing to discuss all of that stuff was a little over the top. Now that I've started both versions of Being Human, I'm thinking about giving this up and just sticking with them, Lost Girl, and True Blood for my Vamps/Were/ect. fix.
EDIT: David Gillies, the actor who plays Elijah, has joined the cast of The Originals.
Now that Gillies is going to the new show, I will watch it and dump Vampire Diaries. I kept hanging on mainly for Elijah.

Granted the new show is not a done deal, but if it is a go I could see Claire Holt going as well. That means the only character that I pay attention to that would be left on the Vamp Diaries is Caroline and that is not enough to hold me.

Klaus is a bit much as a character but Morgan does his best to sell it. Claire Holt makes me like Rebecca inspite of myself.

I have not seen enough of Kol to judge.

Gillies grabbed me as Elijah back at the beginning. His involvement in the new show guarantees my eyeballs being on at least the first 4 eps, if the show gets made.

So, if the new show is a go, then I shall bid Vampire Diaries adieu.

If the new show is not made, I still do not think I shall watch Vamp Diaries past this season. The Salvatore brothers just bore me now, and I began to actively dislike Elena last year.
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