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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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All these complaints and no one mentions "1 to the 4th power"?
I used to think that line was the height of innumeracy, but now realize that Kirk was not referring to the number 1 itself.

"One" simply referred to any given sound-level to be amplified. He should have said X to the 4th power, but when taken in context, he wasn't wrong.
What?! If X is undefined, then the statement is meaningless. It only would have made sense if he'd said that any sound would be amplified "by a factor of 10 to the 4th power" (i.e., a factor of 10,000, or four orders of magnitude, either of which would have been clearer to general audiences).

Face it: "1 to the 4th power" is as meaningless as an insurance company asserting that it will save me "up to $157 or more" (i.e., any possible positive number) on my bills.
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