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Sybok's magically appearing Followers

I was just watching Star Trek V and I noticed something. As the shuttle leaves Nimbus III, you can see in the shuttle:

Sybok's bald sidekick from the first scene of the movie
St. John Talbot (Terran Ambassador)
General Korrd (Klingon Ambassador)
Caithlin Dar (Romulan Ambassador)

And nobody else. I don't see anyone else on the shuttle as they approach the Enterprise.

Once they crash land in the shuttle bay, after everyone I've mentioned above has exited the shuttle, about 8 or 9 of Sybok's followers walk out of the shuttle behind everyone else.

Oh, those Federation shuttles. They're tricky...

Where were these people on the shuttle? Were they hiding under the floorboards? That's almost 20 people altogether that should have been in the shuttle. Did anyone else see Sybok's followers in the shuttle? Because I missed them.

Along with brainwashing, Sybok can magically turn his followers invisible, it seems.

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