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Re: The weakness of season 3

I can`t agree about season 3 being a terrible season.

I like it a lot. I think there are many good episodes in it.

Episodes I like are
The Chute (Tom and Harry are great in it and I think it`s an interesting story)
(interesting Torres episode)
Futures End (I like episodes with the crew being out of uniforms and I think it`s a funny episode; and of course Robinson is in it)
Coda (J/C - what else can I say)
Unity (one of my fav Chakotay episodes
Real Life (touching Doc episode)
Distant Origin (great Chaokotay episode)
Worst Case Scenario (interesting Seska/Chakotay plot, too bad they killed Seska)
Scorpion absolutely great, but

the first time i really disliked Janeway (not something you should generally want your audience to do) helping the Borg to destroy another race because we want to go home is fine (unless it's the Ocompa of course) they try to tell a story about individuality by bringing Janeway and Chakotay into conflict but all they achieved was actually making Janeway appear utterly erratic....even after Chakotay explains that the Borg attacked species 8472 first and tried to infiltrate their fluidic space.....Janeway still thinks her plan to help the Borg wipe them out is ya know, completely fine
Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I always had the same feelings when I watched Scorpion.
I didn`t understand that fans were able to agree with Janeway. They believed Chakotay couldn`t trust her. They believed that he was wrong.

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