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Re: A question about uniforms looking similar to the TMP ones ???

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I've been thinking it looks likes there are more new uniforms in STITD but my question kirk has got a dress uniform on very similar to the one that kirk wears in TMP I've even noticed that kirks from STITD has the rank marks on the shoulders just like the TMP ones and the badge is similar to the TMP one. So it got me thinking because Nero changed the time line has starfleet moved forward in technology and has starfleet decided to change uniforms more quicker.

My theory is that TOS was timelined at 2255 the TMP movie was set around 2270 so there's a 15 year technology gap ?? Have starfleet jumped this quick in technology and thus issuing the beige and grey TMP uniforms ???

Your views please ???
They wear the same uniforms on the Enterprise as they did in The Original Series. Perhaps they always wore TMP-syle dress uniforms on Earth during TOS' timeframe and we just never saw it because we never visited Earth? One kind of uni for planetside duty, the other type for when on duty on starships.

Technology-wise, everything looks a lot flashier because it's 2013 not 1966, but it's meant to be the same as The Original Series in just the same way that James Doohan and Simon Pegg both look like Scotty.
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