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Re: Great year for be continued in 2013!

Star Trek as a whole is much more of a vague mythology than a strict canon, where each show has put it's own spin on the universe which is often subtly or not-so-subtly incompatible with the rest. I don't think fans realize that although they frequently cross-over and are referenced back and forth, it takes lots of willing suspension of disbelief for the shows and films to inhabit the same ficticious universe (see videos in my sig for just a few examples - the huge speed/distance slowdown between TOS and VOY would probably be a huge deal breaker if anyone bothered to do the math!)

The novels have had their own consistent continuity since the DS9 relaunch in 2001, with ties back to novels in the 80's. They've kept up with the evolution of and often sudden additions or changes to canon (Remans! What, we never told you about them before? They were always there, honest. There was a famous Enterprise 100 years before TOS? Of course, you idiot. Everyone knows that.) while telling their own excellent ongoing stories in the universe.
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