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The David Mack interview was awesome! I have listened to many different podcast interviews he has done and he does not disappoint.

Great anecdote about trying to write for the show "You Can't Do that on Television" It was very interesting. Also of note was how thankful we should all be to Dave's mother for taking him to the screenwriting class as a kid and encouraging his writing. Her investment in his talent has benefited us all.

Though he may have been given "The Starfleet Survival Guide", on a silver platter to write. The amount of work he put into the "Destiny Series", balanced it all out Sounds like it was a major undertaking.

Mr. Mack's got a great feel for the development of characters. I especially like were he has taken the TNG crew in the latest books. Worf and Picard are written very well.

Thanks for asking my question about the Vanguard team working together again. I am sure they will find the right project. Here's hoping Dave does a Data proposal as he said he might (would love to read that).

Overall you guys have done another top notch interview. Keep up the great work
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