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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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By the way, I NEVER noticed the court members at the bar earlier, in 46 years of watching Star Trek.
That was the result of a discussion with Timo (regarding how to interpret the starship status display early on in Stone's office) why there was even the necessity to bring other starship captains to the starbase for Kirk's trial. Obviously I wanted to look around in the Starbase Club if there hadn't been other starship captains there already - and spotted those guys that weren't supposed to be there, yet!

I had always thought that this promotional still of the Enterprise
clearly showed the location of the enigmatic ion pod at the bottom of the engineering hull.


In ship's lingo "B deck" could just refer to the "Berth deck" (that would be where the crew quarters are located) or Main Deck 6 in the saucer at the stern of which you have the impulse deck and impulse engines - which Finney had sabotaged.
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