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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Mirror, Mirror is a Kirk/Spock slash tale?
After researching what that is, I can only say, you have totally missed the point.

That simple MIRROR, MIRROR example serves to illustrate one of the most glaring examples,.. which literally BEGS the answer of the question:

"Between the so-called Evil, and the so-called Good, which is TRULY is the fairest in the Land?

But, I guess if one does not THINK about why these writers choose the words they do, one can also ONLY come to ONE conclusion - which is not the deeper truth.

Exactly why it would make good reasoning to cast LIBERACE as a proposed substitute actor for the role AtoZ,..

Again,, you have to ask the question, you must dig, dig, dig,.... LIBER, a Latin noun (genative LIBRI, 2nd declination) = BOOK,.. ACE a colloquialism for EXPERT,... A BOOK EXPERT is exactly what a Librarian should be

False conclusions, preconceived prejudices of the mind and non-though-out assumptions, make clear vision impossible - and will hide the inner-stories from those who do not have the eyes to see.
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