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Re: Why is it Deep Space "9"?

Thanks, DeepSpaceWine. I remember one time, between '87 and '90, and don't know what local station it was, but it was very late at night, I got home from work, and there was some badly dubbed Italian movie on.

It was some sort of medieval inquisition type thing in a dungeon. I can't really be specific about what happens in the film due to maintaining decorum on the board, but it involved a naked woman chained to a wall and a guy with a set of tongs who does something horrible with them. Lots of badly dubbed screaming.

I was sort of shocked that it was actually being shown on broadcast instead of a cable station. But I never found any news stories about it that week, so I don't know what the hell was going on.

i was living west of Highway 59 at the time, near Aurora, so maybe someone intercepted the signal. Though I had cable.
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