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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Details on upcoming toys revealed at the London Toy Fair:

3.75 inch figures – 6.99
3.75 inch TARDIS – 12.99
4 x 3.75 interconnecting playsets with unique accessory – 9.99
All above to be released May/June time
Anniversary Daleks (limited run)
Classic diorama – 5 inch twin figure sets
New (Refreshed) 5″ 11 Doctors box set – variants TBC
New wave of talking Daleks as pictured (Pre-production samples on show)
Doctor Who monster Mashems
The Doctor Who Site

And now for some pics!

The Clara and Weeping Angel figures, standing in one of the diorama playsets:

A Series 7 Cyberman:

An overhead view of the "The Angels Take Manhattan" playset:

Another playset, as well as a Dalek in his platform thing from Asylum of the Daleks:

Imagery of "Iconic Scenes Collectors' Sets":

Limited run Anniversary Dalek with lights and sounds:

All images are from The Doctor Who Site. There's way to many images to post here, so go to their Toy Fair Flickr page for the full gallery where you can also see the new scale TARDIS, Wave 2 of the Talking Daleks, and DW "Mashems".

And here's their gallery for the Character Building stuff, for anyone interested in that.
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