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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Captain Tracy ~ "Horrifically offensive?" I don't think so.
ATOZ - The quotes were used to indicate that was not my personal feeling, but of other posts above mine - mostly citing the line from 'THE ENEMY WITHIN' as offensive; used an an example of reaction people are having, instead of asking why would the writers put kind of dialog in - being, one of the key points of my post.

I grabbed the 'THE CAGE' post not to illustrate that posters comment specifically, but to bring a differnt the scene in question - to make the second point of my post.

Both were drawn together to answer WHY many people feel certain dialog, or character dynamics appear "dated", or "awkward" by today's standards; when in-point-of-fact, the dialog and dynamics chosen very carefully and purposefully to make another point beyond the overtly obvious being stated on screen.

Perhaps, I might suggest you read it again in that light.

I appreciate to your post, and thank you for you input on mine.

Okay, I give up. What were the writers really secretly trying to tell us? That Roddenberry was a pervert?
BOREDCAPTAIN: "Give up",.. well those are sad words; however, often what phrase is often spoken by those who really do not even try.

I provided you with the questions, and how to look at the stores to understand where to dig for the whispered story being told in the background - but you have to do the digging for yourself.

Too often the viewer has mistaken the misdirection of the overt story as the point of the story the writers are really trying to tell you about.

As I explained before, if something seems out of place, or out of context, THAT is the the first place to begin you search - do the research - THINK IT THROUGH -turn off to the detractors and distractors,.. and do not stop at the "E PLEB NEESTA" common interpretations,.. ANOTHER RODDENBERRY WARNING SO OFTEN MISSED,.. dig until all the puzzle pieces fit to reveal a cohesive picture.

Case in point: MIRROR, MIRROR. If you stop digging at the conclusion that the story was written to only say: "Imperialism is bad" when reflected against the image of our "good" way of 'doing business', you have not dug far enough; thus minimizing and missing the message of this work to a descriptor for the 'Alternate 'evil' universe',..

The major clue lies in the Title itself, but you must dig into its origin (remember these writers word choice is very specific), you will learn it actually is a truncated question from Snow White; being, "WHO IS THE FAIREST IN TH LAND?"

The writer is asking you to answer the question FOR YOURSELF.

By 'turning the telescope around', and answering the questions, the answers will become apparent.

Case in Point: RETURN OF THE ARCHONS. Again, the major clue is missed by those who just except the cover story, and totally miss the literally GLARING ROAD SIGN left (in this Roddenberry original story), being the self-luminous light panel.

Again, if taking the opinion that it is only there as a device to foreshadow the reveal of the Landru Technology,.. again, DIG DEEPER. Research what a real ARCHON is, and do not stop at the greek definition of 'Ruler, Lord, God',.. but dig, dig, dig,.. into the GNOSTIC ARCHON TEXTS,.. then go back and watch the story, and see if you have become "ILLUMINATED" as to the whole story - past, present, and future of mankind Roddenberry is trying to tell, over, and over again.

I will close by paraphrasing Dr. Zaius' final warning to the archeologist Cornelius, from Planet of the Apes: "Be careful what you dig for, you may not like what you find."

Good luck to you, if you decide to do the work for yourself, and seek those answers - that's why they were placed there, for you to discover.

Seek the truth, or simply sit back and go along with the crowd that Roddenberry and company were just clumsy typists and "pigs",.. that requires no effort.
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