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Re: Ridiculous Injuries

I don't think I ever had a ridiculous injury myself but my eldest son is extremely accident prone.

He has

1) set himself on fire when he was lighting paper by sticking into the heater when he was 4 (third degree burns, three weeks in hospital, skin graft)

2) broke his nose at school when he didn't duck low enough when trying to pass under some playground equipment

3) received a concussion while during physical education at school. The class was meant to be jogging around the netball court but my son decided to race another boy. He looked behind him to see where the boy was and the moment he looked forward again he ran straight into the netball pole.

4) He and a friend decided to do Kung Fu moves at school. He managed to hit the the wall and break his thumb.

5) lost two teeth when he and a friend decided to play with a swing. They were swinging the wooden swing back and forth to each other and he missed catching it.

6) Managed to put his fist through a glass door when drunk. He was badly cut but I don't know the full story behind this (he was living on the Mainland at the time)

7) Badly broke his leg while jumping off a jetty while drunk. It was a compound fracture and he needed a bone graft, hyperbaric chamber therapy and a skin graft. He was in hospital for nearly 6 weeks.

There are also smaller injuries to numerous to mention. He has never been able to 'think before he leaps' i.e. he lacks common sense.

Oops - I forgot to mention that when he was six I took him to the doctor because he had a very runny nose. It was only from one nostril. The family doctor sent us to the hospital to see a nose, ear and throat specialist. X-rays were taken and when they came back we could clearly see that my son had shoved a screw up his nose. He did try to blame another boy but neither me or the doctor would believe him.
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