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Star Trek: Extreme Measures

Hi guys,

I, along with a few others are planning a short fan film focusing on Section 31 but set around the time of Kirk's Movie timeline from Final Frontier to Generations.

What I need from you guys is help with the TOS style displays and consoles, the ones with the blue borders.

Now I have a few that are floating around the net but if someone out there has a vast collection or can do custom screens that would be fantastic.

The ship will either be an excelsior class or refit connie so ship specific images/flash animations can incorporate either ship for now.

There will be a small cast of about four main characters with a handfull of background extra's.

Sets will be small, one replica monitor wall will be built and the displays changed when needed, including the station title (communications, science, master systems etc)

Once I have these graphics and the set built I will then start to source other props such as console stations and a captains chair, but that is a while away.

Your help is much appreciated
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