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Re: How did the cast feel when Worf was made a regular?

Someone around here some time ago showed a rating chart, Worf's inclusion didn't help like they thought it would, but it didn't hurt ratings either.

I have read (can't think of where, though) that Dorn brought a lot ot levity and fun to the set, the kind of atmosphere that the TNG cast had. Before that the DS9 cast was very "by the book."

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Worf's inclusion is what guaranteed I would start watching.

I don't even think Worf was written very well until later in his stay. In all his season four episodes he seems like a petty, dangerously impulsive manchild. They started to figure out how to write him better in season five.
I agree. I also came over to DS9 with Worf and I wasn't crazy about how he was written in that 4th season. His personality seemed very different than we'd last seen him in TNG S7.
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