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Re: Delivery companies

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I've read a lot of complaints from people living in apartments, gated communities and the like dealing with UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and OnTrac. Is it because the delivery people are in such a rush, they're less careful?
[letter carrier's hat on] Yes, that is it. Or the shipper has released the item for release without the receiver being present. A third reason would be that most in the community have asked the delivery person to leave stuff so by default unless a signature is required he leaves everything in that community to save time.

The general rule is to leave nothing yet a year ago our office got overloaded and the local postmaster ordered us to leave everything under $200 insured, signature required limit. A new supervisor below her tried to issue discipline for breaking the general rule only to find out a higher level boss had issued conflicting orders. And the local LAPD lead officer was asking questions about the increase in burglaries in our zone.
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