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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 69; The Slog

Dr Bashir casually walks by O'Brien as he's reading his letters from Keiko, on the outside chance she sent a naked picture.

ODO: I consider myself a keen observer on human nature, Major, and judging by your posture you're having a bad day.
KIRA: Wow, your deductive powers are nothing short of astounding. You're almost as smart as Troi.

JAKE: No, this is still awesome. Front line journalism is the best idea ever!
BASHIR: Really?
JAKE: Yeah! You can't write about how horrible war is unless stuff is blowing up in your face. This experience will make me way more mature and world-wise!
BASHIR: Really?

O'BRIEN: Am I interrupting anything?
SISKO: Not at all chief. Kira and Dax were just trying out a dating website.
O'BRIEN: How's that working out?
DAX: 200 nude pic requests, 50 marriage proposals, 20 stalkers, and maybe two messages actually worth responding to.
O'BRIEN: I should have warned you about that. What about you Kira?
KIRA: Ten messages, all from Cardassians.

Every time Morn sees Worf he wonders whether Jadzia finally told him about their whirlwind love affair.
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