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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 69; The Slog

Bashir: Are you still working on signing the Major's birthday card?

O'Brien: Yes. I mean what the Hell do you put on here? You can't go with "Happy Birthday," it's so impersonal, but I can't think of what says, "Happy Birthday to a Bajoran woman who, at times terrifies me, but is a strong positive female role model that I hope Molly chooses as a role model..."

Bashir: I just went with, "Here's to the first 35 and many more."

O'Brien: Isn't she 29?

Bashir: Crap! Are you sure? Crap! Can I see that stylus?

Odo: If it makes you feel better, I can't judge how old any of you solids are.

Kira: Well, that's comforting...

Jake: I guess it's true what they say, war is Hell!

Bashir: I still believe this is better than back on the station! Kira is still upset over that birthday card!

Sisko: No, we're not reviewing resumes from doctors, why do you ask? Now scoot, before we start looking for engineers as well!

Worf: *thinking to himself* I know it is dishonorable, but damn, I need to tell someone about how Klingon-like Kira is in bed when she's pissed at someone. Still, I could have done without the post-coital crying jag about how old she looks...
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