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Re: Campaign to Restore William Shatner's STV TFF for Blu-ray spec. ed

I'd really like to see this actually. I once saw a fan's attempt to replace the FX, making them more inkeeping with ILM. Spacecraft without all the matt lines on show and something I remember, a slow zoom in on Spock standing in that observation room with the Captain's Wheel. There's talk on the DVD commentary of the originally conceived title sequence - zooming through space from Nimbus, across the galaxy to eventually focus on Kirk climbing the mountain - and how Contact eventually became the first film to achieve that.

But for it to be a Director's Edition, he'd have to run everything by Shatner. Otherwise it's an Enhanced Special Edition.

I can't see the objection to it, with all the theatrical editions on Blu ray. Hopefully The Motion Picture would also be looked at again, matching Wise's approved cut with the updated FX sequences re-rendered in HD.

Same with Burnett's other idea, presumably reanimating The Animated Series so it's a little less 2-D and more like a lost season of the Original Series.

In terms of making Trek desirable on Blu ray, giving the same-old a makeover to better appreciate TOS, those are ideas which could capitalise on what were assuming is going to be another blockbuster with reimagined Kirk, Spock, McCoy et all.

The extras so far for Remastered TNG are amazing and promise to be exciting for terminally underrated ENT, with no doubt revelatory tales about internal power struggles going on between creators and studio. So yeah, initally sounds crazy but I can see revisiting even TFF worthwhile... the longer a Star Trek drought between new stuff goes on. It's got to have some basis in what Shatner regrets, what was planned and might've happened, if he'd had a little more time and money... or else it's one fan's edit to remove all the controversial stuff. I suspect the lighter tone is Shatner's own idea, but you could certainly make the turbolift shift consistent with the universe... if not how he's decided to place characters in toe-curlingly embarrassing situations. Much worse humiliation happened onscreen back in the 60s if were being brutally honest here.
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