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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

While Enterprise was on television, some fans used to joke about that scene in The Motion Picture depicting previous ships with the name displayed on the Rec Deck. That the NX-01 must've done something really bad to have been removed from the line-up. Given the ship was Starfleet's first and historically important. The real life answer is that nobody knew there would be a prequel spin-off in 1979, let alone a couple decade's worth of Star Trek shows without Kirk and Spock.

I imagine they've gone for something like that, to explain why nobody ever mentions an Enterprise, which Robert April is the former Captain of.

And it's fortunate that it builds on the parallel universe aspect of Star Trek [2009], with fans considering April the forerunner to Pike and Kirk. It doesn't harm his status in the Prime Universe as Enterprise Captain in 2245 and perhaps fun to think of him as a guy who stayed on the rails thanks making different decisions. Obeying the Prime Directive or breaking it, if I'm reading those comic strip panels correctly.
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