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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Phillies sign Delmon Young.

Oh, Ruben Amaro, I love you and you are the gift that never stops giving, please continue your fine tradition of "Rube gonna rube."
Well, it shows our outfield is shit. In spite of the off the field issues, he's still a low risk player (one year, 750,000). And his competition isn't heads and shoulders better. I think it makes sense.
The problem is that the Phillies already have their quota of "longshot right-handed no-defense corner outfielders who probably shouldn't start" filled, and that there's an actual chance that both of those players will in fact start a significant number of games. There's also Rube's inexplicable hatred of Dom Brown, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

In any event, the Phillies might actually have the worst defense in baseball, now. I mean, their infield:

1B: Ryan Howard
2B: The deceased remains of Chase Utley
3B: Michael Young
SS: Jimmy Rollins

Their outfield is Delmon Young, Ben Revere, and who the fuck cares -- even if you had Mike Trout out there, that defense is going to give up so many unearned runs.

The infield alone might be the worst infield in recent memory, even worse than Cabrera, Fielder, Peralta, and Raburn. The Phillies have basically 3 DHs and they're starting them all in the field. This is going to be amazing.

There's also that whole "FUCKING JEWS!" thing with Young. I mean, I'd understand interest in Young if he were "just" a horrible human but still had redeeming qualities as a player. But he's almost as bad a player as he is a person, so what the fuck could Rube possibly see in him? The Mariners kicked the tires on him and decided to pass, for heaven's sake.
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