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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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That's 24 episodes out of 94 total. Significantly less than half, so yeah, "Only."

Mr Awe wrote: View Post
I thought the 90 minutes for The Five Doctors was perfect. Why not just do that length?
The Five Doctors being 90 minutes isn't really all that impressive when you consider a four part classic Who story (which were the norm during Davison's years) had a combined total run time around 90 minutes. The only difference is that it was shown in one fell swoop as opposed to hacked up into four parts.

Besides, in Pertwee's years six-parters normal but The Three Doctor was only a four parter.

I'm sorry, but while many things about the state of DW these days concern me, the anniversary special being 60 minutes is a non-issue. Sure, I wanted a two-parter like The End of Time featuring all living Doctors, but I've only been expecting a 60 minute story. Honestly the fact that we basically have two gap years in a row as more upsetting to me, and that's not even all that upsetting.
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