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Re: 6 Degrees of William Shatner

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Alex Kingston > Alpha Dog > Anton Yelchin
Yelchin > Star Trek > Leonard Nimoy
Nimoy > Star Trek I - VI > Shatner

Katherine Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn > John Wayne (Rooster Cogburn.)
John Wayne > Dennis Hopper (True Grit (1969).)
Dennis Hopper > Sandra Bullock (Speed.)
Sandra Bullock > William Shatner (Miss Congeniality.)

Robert Reed
Robert Reed > William Shatner (PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS) don't made for tv movies count, especially when Shat and the gang are very nearly wearing Starfleet tunics throughout?

God I wish that'd hit DVD, BIRDS OF PREY did and it made me happy, but WILDCATS on VHS is near impossible to find anymore, even the good video stores wind up having it checked out and 'lost.' Cheese DeLuxe.
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