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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Looking at that picture kind of reminds me of Stephen Lang as he appeared in Terra Nova.

Franklin wrote: View Post
I'm not buying the person being discussed in spoilers could be Cumberbatch's villain. In fact, even though I speculated weeks ago that it could be him, now I'm actually convinced it isn't because he's in the comic. Why in the world would such secretive people put the big reveal of the movie's villain in the comic book, and months before the movie is released to boot?
Some thoughts on this matter:
-It was in Countdown that we first learned of the destuction of Romulus.
-The gun Cumberbatch has in the trailer was labeled "April's gun" on the concept designs. Or do we still think that's what month it was designed in.

Maybe Cumberbatch isn't April, though at this point there's more evidence leaning in that direction than there is for him being Khan. But at the very least Robert April has something to do with the movie.
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