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I hope my questions are not annoying or offensive. They are not meant to be. This is addressed to TheStrangeQuark and, well, any others:

I gather there are different levels of veggie-ism. Vegans seem to be one extreme, but many levels seem to exist.

Why is it OK to eat fish, but not other meat... or chicken, but not beef? This is something I really don't understand. [Remember, I'm not trying to be offensive, but to learn.]

Where I live, we don't even have specialty stores. The lychee salad looks great, but I don't have access to many of the ingredients I've seen on here. It's another reason I'm just trying to eat healthier in general. It was different when we lived at the beach, it was a larger city with more variety.
Not offended at all.

My sister is a vegan. Her philosophy is that she is in the position to live without using animals at all, and that is what she should do. Her's is a position of ethics, recognizing that we, as humans, are animals. She believes, therefore, that animals deserve the same rights not to be abused, exploited, or murdered as people do. She therefore does what she can to be completely independent of all animal products, from meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, to honey, leather, and wool. While I do agree with some of her philosophy, I don't share it all, but I understand why she feels the way she does.

As for other lines, I think some people draw the line at meat but continue to eat fish and poultry for health reasons. Others, because their arbitrary line of morality extends only to land animals. For some, it's about the environment the animal lived in: a fish caught from the ocean was not exploited all its life for food. The truth is, no matter where we draw our personal ethical lines it is pretty much arbitrary in the end. Vegans eat mushrooms even though they are far more closely related to animals than to plants, for example. Morals are a choice, and some people just choose differently along the scale. I think every point on the meat-eater to fish-eater to veggie to vegan scale has good moral arguments for it, and good arguments why the line should be somewhere else, so I figure people should be allowed to settle wherever they feel most comfortable and justify their position as they will.
Another old argument about consuming beef is the resources required to produce it. Producing one pound of beef requires more feed and water than one pound of pork, which requires more resources than producing one pound of chicken, etc. Small planet, etc.
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